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Cookie Policy

At Opticall, we want to make everything clear on how we collect, use your information during your stay at our website This cookie policy brings you a complete info on how and when we employ cookies.

A cookie is a little file placed onto your computer or smartphone enabling us to secure your access to Opticall, Cookies also help you avail our services in a secure way.

Does Opticall use cookies?

The answer is YES, we use cookies to make sure everyone using our services has a great experience. Cookies help us in a number of ways to make your stay at our site super smooth. By availing our services, you agree that we reserve a right to use cookies or other technologies to make your experience that much easier. Any visitor browsing our site will get cookies from Opticall.

There are two types of cookies we use during your stay at our website – Session Cookies and Persistent Cookies. Persistent cookies help us recognize our existing users. This type of cookie will stay in your Browser and will be used by Opticall when you revisit our website or services. Session cookies also known as transient cookies are the cookies that are erased or removed when a user closes browser. They are stored in temporary memory and can’t be achieved once the browser is closed.

If you have any concern over our use of cookies, you can control them by going to settings page. You can change your Browser Settings on your mobile device or computer if you don’t want to recieve these cookies. If you don’t change your Browser Settings and continue using our services, we’ll assume you’re willing to receive cookies on Opticall website. Most web browsers allow users to erase or review cookies based on their preferences. Please note that Optical Eye Care site won’t work properly without Cookies.